Planning to Visit Golf Courses? Lake Geneva Wi Golfers Have Some Tips

by | Sep 19, 2020 | Sports

If you are planning to visit golf courses Lake Geneva, WI golfers have some tips to help make you a welcomed addition. If you are new to golfing, you may not know some of the ins and outs of life on the golf course. In some ways golf is very different from any other types of sports. This can come as a surprise to the new golfer.

When it comes to golf courses Lake Geneva, WI golfers want you to understand the need for behaving in a polite manner. Golf is all about behaving like ladies and gentleman. There is not the same bravado that you may see in other sports. You won’t find yelling and celebrating as you will with other sports. If someone does particularly well and you want to acknowledge that, polite applause is acceptable. However, if your friend does well, a pat on the back will be even better.

Do not rush those in front of you. You will likely not be the only one on the golf course. Let those in front of you have their turn. They will get through as soon as they can so that they can move on and you can play the hole. It is not acceptable to heckle, or make jokes about other players on the course. Even if it is all in good fun, it is just not done. Wait quietly for your turn.

Dress appropriately. You should be comfortable of course, but you still want to look presentable. You do not have to wear the bright, colorful golf clothes that are often shown in movies. You can wear something like khaki shorts and a polo shirt if you would like. Comfortable and casual is the look. Finally, speak quietly. Some golfers prefer silence when they take their shot. Others might not mind noise of talking. However, to be fair to everyone, speak with others in your group, just use your quieter inside voice, rather than your louder outside voice. Golf is a lot of fun. A day on the golf course is a good way to spend the day with friends. It is a relaxing way to get together, spend time outdoors, and get in a bit of exercise. Visit at Abbey Springs Country Club for more information.