The Best Way To Clean A Ceramic Outdoor Grill

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Sports

There are several different options in ceramic outdoor grill models on the market. These grills are practical options to expertly grilling and cooking outdoors, providing exceptional heat control and cooking space in a small, compact, and durable design.

In addition to the benefits of cooking on a ceramic outdoor grill, these are also easy grills to clean and maintain. Like any other type of cooking or grilling equipment, keeping the grill cleaned after each use extends the life of the grill while also limiting any potential issues when grilling.

Spring Cleaning
In most areas of the country, outdoor grilling is somewhat limited in the winter months. This may be due to cold weather, snow, or rain, but it is less likely that the grill is used on a regular basis.

The interior of the grill can be an ideal place for mold to thrive. The good news is that heating the grill kills off the mold safely and without the need for chemicals. Simply put all grill accessories in the grill, close the lid, open the vents and dampers fully, and heat to about 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave at this temperature for about 20 minutes, close the intake and exhaust vents (dampers) and allow to cool down completely.

Use a grill brush to remove any residue on the grill or the plates. Do not use water or soap. The small amounts of ash can be removed with slightly damp but not wet paper towel or microfiber cloth.

Remove Ash at Each Use
Allow the ceramic outdoor grill to cook completely. Use a metal rod to gently move any residual chunks of charcoal or wood, allowing the ash to fall through to the ash tray.

Simply remove the ash tray and dispose of the cold ashes. Replace the ash tray. The lump charcoal or wood left in the bottom of the grill are ideal for starting the grill at the next use.

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