All You Need To Know About American Mah Jongg

All You Need To Know About American Mah Jongg

American Mah Jongg was first established during the 1920’s. It has captivated many players throughout the ages. From the young to the experienced, everyone can enjoy this game with no trouble at all. The aim of the game is to use your luck, knowledge and skill to create a winning hand. To do this, you build sets by discarding tiles and selecting new ones.  American Mah Jongg differs from the traditional Chinese version in many ways. At the start of the game, the Charleston can be initiated.  This technique is used to discard unwanted tiles at the beginning of the game, so if this technique is used correctly, you can really put yourself at an advantage.

What’s Included With American Mah Jongg

The tiles in American Mah Jongg are very different when compared with traditional Mah Jongg tiles. You have joker tiles, which allow you to replace another tile during the game. Again this is very beneficial to those who know how to play properly, as it can really give you an edge when building your combinations. Whatever set you choose you can be sure to get hours of enjoyment out of your Mah Jongg game set. Traditionally, this game is played with up to five people and the never ending set of combinations makes each game different every time. Whether you play on weekends for a hobby or as a weekly tournament with friends, it’s great for anyone who wants to expand their mental and thinking capacity.
Where to Purchase Your Mah Jongg Set

Mah Jongg games can be purchased from just about any online distributor. Before you purchase your set, you should make sure that the company you’re purchasing from is trusted and reputable. This will give you the highest quality set for your money, as well as guaranteeing that all the parts will be there. Some companies even allow you to choose which color plastic tiles you want, and this is very beneficial to those who want to customize their set to meet their personal needs. Whatever style set you choose, Mah Jongg is a great game to play with friends, hours will pass by like never before and you can be sure to enjoy yourself when it comes to planning and devising your own strategy.

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