Planning A Striper Fishing Trip In Delta, CA

There are a lot of different species of fish to look for in the Delta, CA, but one of the most popular is striper. The striper bass is a great species for anglers of any experience level, and they have a long season through the early fall until the end of May, making them a great winter fishing option.

It is possible to plan striper fishing in the area at other times of the year, and experienced fishing guides can certainly take you to the best locations to maximize your potential for a catch. However, for the best fishing for this species, it is definitely from September 1st through to May 31st, with some differences based on the weather and the specific year.

Planning your striper fishing in advance offers several advantages. As these are half or full day expeditions, it is also possible to plan a last minute fishing trip, but you may find limitations on the availability of top guides and boats.

Finding a Guide

There are a lot of people who can take you out on the Delta, CA, and they typically do their best to get an idea of where the fish are. An experienced guide has decades of fishing these waters, and the boat and the captain are out on the water with fishermen constantly, ensuring they have a good idea of where the hotspots are for striper fishing at any given time of the season.

These guides also use the latest in technology on their boats. This allows them to be able to use electronics to not only find the fish but to pinpoint the specific area where the fish are likely to be.

Look for guides that offer all the gear needed for fishing, including bait, rods, reels, and tackle needed. While you can always bring your own, it is nice to know there is top quality fishing gear that is ideally suited for fishing striper on board.

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