Fair Football Betting System in NCAA and College Football Events

by | Oct 1, 2014 | Sports

For many people, betting on sporting events is a hobby they use to escape the everyday stresses that they have. Many people who are new to the betting world find it hard to comprehend the different gambling systems that are out there, which can cause some real problems for them. There are a variety of fair betting systems used in the world of gambling, so studying them and fully understanding them is a must if you want to make any kind of real money. Here are a few of the most common betting systems used in today’s gambling market.

Straight Betting
One of the most popular types of betting used in the world of football is the straight betting system. This system uses a points spread in order to give the participants something to bet on. This is just about the easiest form of betting out there, which is the reason why it is so popular among new gamblers. You need to make sure you totally understand what the spread means and which team will be the best bet for you.

The Totals System
Another very common betting system used in the world of gambling is the totals system. Rather than betting on a points spread, you will bet on the total points scored in the game. This system is rather easy to follow, and given the right circumstances, you can make a lot of money using it. Most new gamblers are more comfortable using a system like this because of its simplicity. In most cases, you will have a better chance using this system for your first few best due to the high win margin it has versus the other betting systems.

Parlay Bets
Another very common betting system used is the parlay system which is a bit more complicated than other systems. The parlay system allows the user to run multiple straight or totals bets together which will allow for a much higher payout in the end. Many experienced gamblers enjoy this system due to its high payout and the opportunity it provides them to place multiple bets with ease. Using the parlay system is not the best option for a beginner due to the high level of complexity that it has. The complexity of the betting system you use plays a big part in the success you have.